Which brands are responding well to crisis? E16 of the Content Marketing Pod with Ken Kane

In this episode we’re chatting transparency and truth in employer branding and what that means for content and conversations with current, and future, employees.

In March, Edelman's Trust Barometer ran a special report in response to the Coronavirus pandemic. This 10-country study found “my employer” was the most trusted institution. This was ahead of NGOs, government, and the media. That's a big responsibility bestowed on employers, so it's particularly important to know how to get this right in the coming months and years ahead.

I chat with Ken Ken, Director at Ceriph, about truth and transparency in the world of employer branding. This conversation takes us far beyond employer branding as we look at what it means, why it matters and two examples of organisations doing it well [Gymshark and Cisco]. We also talk about Airbnb's brilliant handling of mass redundancies and changes on the board at Reddit. 

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