The early careers market: Going from transactional to transformative, with Bob Athwal [Episode 24]

In this episode I chat with Bob Athwal, Fellow of ISE and currently leading Racial Diversity at Skyscanner.

Bob has a vast range of experience in recruitment and higher education. This makes him the perfect chap to chat with about early careers recruitment in a decade that has been kick-started by crisis.

Bob gives us an inside view from both the early careers recruitment and the university market and we talk about a range of topics:

  • Challenging the way organisations market to students: go beyond marketing messages with a more human and caring approach

  • Not paying lip service to Diversity & Inclusion

  • What smart employers are doing in response to the challenges this year

  • Does the early careers market have enough experience to move from being transactional to transformative?

  • Using your network to navigate the challenges you face

  • Is "campus swag" the best way to invest in your future talent?

  • Seeking out talent from a diverse range of universities.

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Thanks for listening.

Chris Le'cand-Harwood

Host of the Employer Content Marketing Pod

& Content Marketing Strategist

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