How to help your employees tell their story: e15 of the Employer Content Marketing Pod

In this episode I chat employee stories with Andrew Sewell. Employee stories make up your employer brand and stories have literally built cultures.

So, how do you go from employee profiles to employee stories? You help your employees tell their story.

Andy and I come up with some tips on how to do this. Get employees to look at their life as chapters and themes in a book. You'll then have a collection of employee stories that are the collective power behind your employer brand.

We talk about Andy's own story that connects him with The Dude in The Big Lebowski. We also talk about Dan Pink's book, Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates people, and Simon Sinek's view on the power of tribes.

Andy helps leaders, founders and people in work transitions craft the next chapter in their lives. Creator of The Whole Story Online Course, he's a qualified coach and psychologist, with background as a creative leader in advertising and employer branding. I worked with him for a few years at Havas People and always enjoy our chats.

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Links to things we discussed in this episode:

Andy's Whole Story Online Course:

Dan Pink's book, Drive:

Simon Sinek on tribes:

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Chris Le'cand-Harwood

Social Media & Content Marketing Consultant

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