How do you manage employee generated video at scale?

In Episode 4 of the Employer Content Marketing Pod I chat Employee Generated Video with Priya Shah, Co-Founder of Sauce.

You may believe that Employee Generated Video is an important part of having an authentic employer branding content [you'd be absolutely right!]. You may also be unsure how to manage it at scale

I've been involved in sourcing video from employees over the years. I remember the days of getting emails with attachments or WeTransfer links and trying to coordinate it all. I managed but it was tough and time-consuming.

I've also used software that helps manage video from the mobile phones of employees to one place for editing before go live.

I know which one I preferred.

Here's my intro as to the why of this chat with Priya.

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Chris Le'cand-Harwood

Social Media & Content Strategist

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