Gen Z and A Level Results Day: What's happening on TikTok and what are universities doing about it?

Happy A Level Results Day! This day in August is always a big one for students and universities. 2020's Cornavirus sh!T$storm has made it that much nervy for the thousands getting their results.

I like jumping into the world of Gen Z to get a real feel for what they're thinking and doing. It grounds us all in the most important thing in marketing - the audience.

Today I took a look at what's going on in TikTok, the underfire platform that's loved by Gen Z and the pawn in a game of international relations at the moment.

At the time of screenshots, there were over 32 million views of results day related videos. One of the hashtags is one of the top trends on the app at the moment 🤔👇

And here are some of the most popular ones created 👏👇 Marketers can be inspired by this. Your audience are the platform expects, so learn from them.

What about universities? From experience working on student recruitment marketing campaigns for universities, I know it's a really important day. Courses need to be filled for these extremely big-ticket purchases, even more so now given the impact of Coronavirus.

Are they on TikTok? None showed up in the top videos alongside videos from users. And it was tough to find them on TikTok at all, at least for the top-ranking universities in the UK.

I did find the University of Cambridge and they had one video from a student saying all the best for results day. I did come across the University of Liverpool but couldn't see anything clearing or results day related.

The University of Chichester also popped up but there was nothing related there either. But the University of York did have some clearing advice. I looked at two of the UK's biggest spending universities for marketing, according to The Guardian last year, but saw what looked like claimed accounts with no content.

Organic reach on TikTok is the stuff of dreams for marketers, a bit like Facebook was 10 years ago..and some. But perhaps universities ran lots of advertising, thanks to TikTok giving UK universities £5,000 of free advertising credits recently.

If you want to keep an eye on the results day hashtags then pop over here:

...expect the number of views to have increased since I wrote this.

A lot can happen in a year in social media but I'd expect TikTok to hold it's popularity gained in 2019 and, in particular 2020. That might well depend on a possible Trump ban in the US and if Boris decided to follow suit...

And I hope to see more universities getting busy on TikTok during Results Day / Clearing in 2021. There are lots of great content opportunities for marketing teams.

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