Episode 19: How employers can adapt & succeed in a decade kick started by crisis

In episode 19 of the Employer Content Marketing Pod with Chris Le'cand-Harwood we chat about how employers can adapt and succeed in a decade kick started by crisis.

We’ve seen organisations going through a radical transformation because of Coronavirus. Pivoting, moving online, working from home and keeping employees motivated.

How can organisations adapt and succeed in a decade kickstarted by crisis? And how can they use internal and external marketing to succeed?

Big questions. That’s why I’m super happy to have Gavin Russell on the chat today. He’s author of the Transformation Timebomb: 150 practical business adaptations for the digital age.

Topics covered in this episode:

  • Investors valuing meaning and purpose more than profit and the implications for the brand circle [employer, consumer, and corporate].

  • What does authenticity really mean to stakeholders

  • How recruitment should be more about enabling careers rather than filling vacancies

  • Recruiting talent based on future impact, not past performance

  • How a marketing mindset can add value in recruitment

  • What should you put on your agenda in your next meeting?


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Thanks for listening.

Chris Le'cand-Harwood

Social Media & Content Marketing Strategist

Host of the Employer Content Marketing Podcast

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