Employer Content Marketing Pod E8: Talking TikTok, Gen Z and early careers marketing

Look out, Gen Z and TikTok are well and truly here! 

Gen Z are the school kids, school leavers, college students...they are at university and they're entering the workforce. 

TikTok was the world’s second most downloaded app in 2019 and regularly topped the app download charts. Lockdown has resulted in a 23% rise in average viewing time between January and March [Sensor Tower 2020]. And 69% of users are 16-24 [TikTok 2019].

So it's important to talk about both for early career marketing. 

In Episode 8 I chat with Shelley Chadha, from Gen Z marketing agency Fanbytes. We cover why TikTok is so popular, what brands are doing on the app and what early career marketers can do with it. 

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Thanks for listening and let me know if you want to add to the chat.

Chris Le'cand-Harwood

Social Media & Content Marketing Consultant

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