Employer Content Marketing Pod: E3 - How a university is using content marketing to engage Gen Z

What can employer marketers learn from their consumer and education counterparts? I'm fortunate enough to have worked in all three sectors and it's healthy to look outside of employer marketing/talent acquisition from time to time. This is one of the aims of my podcast and I use this episode to share what the University of Plymouth is doing to attract a largely Gen Z audience in what is a highly competitive market.

I signed up for the University of Plymouth's Student Life Magazine and it popped through my letterbox last month. I like to get a feel for the customer experience and this is a great example of content marketing. You've got to bring value to the audience by helping them and inspiring them into action and this magazine does it.

Here's the website where you can download previous issues and sign up for their mailer. It looks like this most recent issue is the first for a good while. That's a shame because this is creating marketing content like an editorial team. Just imagine what you could do with this on social media too.

Here's a little soundwave from the episode:

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