e27: Employer Content Marketing in action. Why We Care: The Nursing Career podcast

Happy New Year and here’s to a 2021 with lots of awesome content from employers that informs and inspires current and future employees.

In this episode, I want to share something I’ve been working on with the awesome team at Cygnet Healthcare and Springpod.

Why We Care is the nursing career podcast powered by the people of Cygnet Healthcare. Season 1 is full of stories, opinions, and advice to help nurses.

I led on the strategy, creative, and design and was the podcast producer. I worked with Cygnet Health Care, their content partners, and Springpod.

And I’ve loved working on it.

We created this podcast to help and inspire nurses with advice, insights into working practices, and stories from staff, service users, and patients.

We called it Why We Care because caring for others is at the heart of nursing. It truly is a life changing career.

This is employer content marketing in action for sure. And is real proof behind the Life Changing Careers employer brand. This is why do I what I do.

You can listen to the episode via various podcast players here.

Thanks for listening.

Chris Le'cand-Harwood

Founder & Strategy Lead at the Content Marketing Pod

Host of the Employer Content Marketing Pod

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