e14: Mad Mods and a Camera: Side hustles, photography and having every photo tell a story

Episode 14 is my first in-person episode as lockdown starts to lighten (it also includes my first exclusive....heady times for The Pod!). In this episode I chat with one of my good mates from the advertising industry, Duncan James. He talks about his photography side hustle that started with an impromptu photo of some Mods outside a Greggs in Baker Street, Enfield. 

Duncs is an Art Director at Havas People and I've worked with him for a lot of my career. As well as being an amazing creative he has a side hustle called Mad Mods and a Camera. We chat over a few drinks in Enfield about this awesome body of work and the importance of this Alfred Eisenstaedt quote: "It is more important to click with people than to click the shutter."

For someone who doesn't class himself as a photographer, Duncs sure knows what makes a great photo. His approach to photography is all about documenting. Every photo has a story and that's something extremely relevant to employer marketing photography. 

Duncs also gives us an exclusive about his first published Mad Mods and a Camera book, in partnership with The National Brain Appeal, a charity close to his heart. Here are some of the pages that we flicked through during the chat.

Here's his website: It's worth looking through and follow his Instagram account for some great photography.

Here's the episode:

Thanks for listening.  Chris Le'cand-Harwood Social Media & Content Marketing Consultant

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