A look into the lives of people going to university this month.

Rule number 1 in marketing. Know your audience. That's why I love TikTok. It gives you a direct line into the very people many marketers want to turn into students, employees and customers. And that's why I took a TikTok20minutes to go see what's going on.

September. Goodbye summer, hello autumn. It's the month when thousands of people will be starting university. Going to university for the first time can be daunting enough without the uncertainty of what life will be like while the pandemic continues.

So, what are new students experiencing and thinking at the moment?

I took a look at TikTok to see what people are sharing against the #freshers2020 hashtag.

Here are some of the videos that have helped generate over 14 million video views so far.

The reality of not being near your mates from back home

The journey to uni

Saying goodbye to home

Not a fan of your accommodation

Uni House Rules

Expectation v Reality I

Expectation v Reality II

My takeaways

Take a TikTok20 once a week to see what's happening on the app. Just 20 minutes will give you a view into the world of your future students, employees and customers. Search for key words that are relevant to you [e.g. I searched for Freshers content and found #Freshers2020]. And think about how you can tap into trending topics and add to the conversation. The more you do this, the more you have empathy for your target audience and understand what content you should create.

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