Marketing 2020s: What are your hopes for the new decade?

As the decade draws to an end we can't help reflect on how much has happened since 2010. And, in a state of equal disbelief, what may lie ahead in the new decade: The Twenties!

The 2010s saw revolutionary shifts in how people consume information and communicate, powered by technology. The smartphone became mainstream. The rise and rise of social media because of this. The rise and rise of video because of broadband and 4G services. And the rebirth of audio because of music, radio and podcast streaming services and voice-activated smart devices. VR, AR, AI...I could go on.

This means people in the business of engaging customers, candidates and employees have never had it so good. In 2019 we're spoilt for choice.

What about the new decade?

Entering a new decade gives us the opportunity keep up with the audience as much as possible. Being busy can be distracting. No sooner has a new year starts it's the summer and then it's Christmas again. This means marketing can lag a few years behind how your audience behaves today. We need to make sure marketing is relevant to now, not 1, 5 or 10 years ago.

This is why I'm starting a series called Marketing 2020s: content focused on keeping marketing relevant to the now. Over 2020 and beyond I'll be gathering insights, opinion and case studies from my network. Let's talk about what could and should be.

What are your hopes for the new decade? What approaches and techniques will be fitting for The Twenties?

Whether you're in education, employer or consumer marketing I'd love to get your opinion.


If you want to talk about how social media and content marketing can keep your marketing relevant and meaningful then get in touch. As a freelance consultant with nearly 20 years experience in the agency world I'm well placed to help.

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